Ya Mon! Cool Rasta Hat With Beard The Perfect Fashion For The Slopes This Winter

Ski season will be here before we know it. This year you don't have to settle for a boring old balaclava to keep your face from freezing as you go whizzing down the black diamond trails -- or even snowplow down the bunny hills. Put a Rasta Hat With BeardRasta Hat With Beardtouch of Jamaica in your winter weekend plans with this really cool Rasta Hat with Beard. You will be turning heads all over the slopes.

There are many Rasta hats out there and a lot of them come with dreadlocks, but coming complete with beard is much more unique. This hat is the design and product of Etsy shop Zumpus.

The hat is a full beanie and handmade and crocheted with acrylic yarn. Those whacked-out dreads are created with a number of different yarns to add color and texture to the weave. The addition of the beard not only keeps your face warm, but also helps hold the hat in place in those brisk mountain winds.

Rasta Hat With BeardRasta Hat With BeardOne of the best things about this chapeau is that it is totally multifunctional! Not only can you use it while skiing or snowboarding, but you can also freak out the neighbors when you go out to shovel the walk. The hat can also do double-duty as a part of your Halloween costume. In a real pinch you can use it to make an emergency withdrawal from the nearest bank or your local stop and rob (convenience store).

No matter what, the Rasta Hat with Beard will be one of the memorable accessories in your wardrobe. Ladies, this could be the gift that really gets you in good with your man. I know I used to go with a guy for whom this would have been the perfect gift. It would have gone with everything -- including his demented sense of humor.

Source: Etsy

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