Yakuza Gangster Kewpie Doll Charms Display Dangerously Cute Tattoos

Kewpie dolls are beloved in Japan though what passes for "love" can often seem, well, bizarre. This is reflected in some of the myriad kewpie doll cell phone charms figurine fans can buy, collect and save - bondage kewpies, colorful "flavor" kewpies, even kewpies so weird they have to be seen to be believed.

The latest addition to the kewpie charm universe is the Gangster Kewpie, 15 different models of which smilingly display elaborate tattoo artwork designed by professional Japanese tattoo artists.

Renowned Japanese tattoo artist Choryu Roppongi designed and drew these brilliant miniature works of tattoo art, traditionally displayed only by members of Japan's notorious homegrown gangsters, the Yakuza!

Each cute kewpie stands 3.5cm (about 1.4 inches) tall and arrives nicely packaged but otherwise unclothed - which is nice, because who would want to hide those cool & colorful tats? (via TokyoMango)