YamChops: The Ironic Vegetarian Butcher Shop

With an increasing number of people focused on eating raw, healthy diets, vegetarian etas are more popular than ever - even with those that lean towards the carnivore category. So it shouldn't be a surprise that new, unique vegetarian and vegan restaurants are popping up in cities worldwide are popping up faster than you can say kombucha.

The latest concept in vegetarian eating is the first on its kind in North America. It's semi-local to my hometown (located in Toronto, Canada), and I have to say that as a vegetarian for over 15 years myself, I was intrigued to see what YamChops is all about. Its punny name helps on that front, too. Now, back to the point...

YamChops is one of the most ironic businesses we've covered, simply because it's marketed as a vegetarian butcher shop; and it's exactly that irony that makes it so awesome. The entrepreneurs behind this business, who happen to be family as well as partners, claim the name is relevant. After all, a butcher is just "someone that cuts and prepares food ". The interior resembles a chic version of a traditional butcher shop as well.

YamChops MeatsYamChops Meats

The establishment opened in the summer of 2014, and has made a few tweaks to their menu as well as their business model in that time frame. Now, they have a meatless version of just about anything you'd expect to find behind a butcher shop counter. Many vegetarians will be impressed by the fact that the shop has little soy in sight; an ingredient that a large percentage eats in moderation, if at all.  Instead, each menu item is designed to satisfy the desire for any craving, while containing healthier ingredients like beans, seeds, oats, nuts, and veggies. Case in point, their namesake dish, YamChops which is yam glazed and grilled with a maple-mirin-mint-mustard condiment. Or, the slightly more complicated Beet Burger, which is chalk-full of various veggies, brown rice and spices.

YamChops Chick-Pea Cashew Hummus Roll BoxYamChops Chick-Pea Cashew Hummus Roll Box

Like any good butcher, YamChops also sells a variety of healthy, unique condiments that have been designed to pair with their "meat" selections. To become like the old-fashioned neighborhood shops, they've recently introduced local delivery of these items along with anything from their butcher counter.

YamChops DishYamChops Dish

In addition to the take home selection of veggie-friendly foods, YamChops has ready-to-go items like salad boxes, juices, and combination boxes to help people prepare holiday meals. Plus they cater and host classes and events.

Whether you're into the veggie lifestyle or not, you have to admit this is a pretty cool concept for a standout vegetarian restaurant. 

Via: Blog TO