Yanmar's New YT Series Tractor Is A Ferrari For The Farm

If Yanmar's new YT series tractor looks a tad sportier than most big-wheeled pasture plowers, credit Kiyoyuki Okuyama (above), designer of the Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari P4/5 supercars. Yanmar farmed out the job of revitalizing their tractors to Okuyama in order to spice up a class of vehicles known more for function than for form.

Yanmar Co., Ltd., founded in 1912, is one of Japan's oldest heavy equipment manufacturers. The company has long specialized in agricultural and marine machinery along with the production of diesel engines.

Over the last two decades, however, the firm has explored a number of futuristic technologies and applications including robotic tractors and small helicopter UAVs used in precisely targeted agricultural spraying.

Thus it wasn't a huge surprise that the strikingly (well, for a tractor) styled and generously equipped YT Series Tractor unveiled at the company's new Osaka headquarters on November 19th, 2014 proudly displayed the Yanmar nameplate.

That the new YT sported a shiny coat of Premium Red paint was no accident either; a tacit nod of the head to chief designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama in recognition of his past efforts for Ferrari.

Yanmar hopes that “farmers can have pride in their ride every day at work and at the same time, have fun”, and a look around the YT Series' spacious and open cabin reflects this philosophy. Thin pillars and large windows offer drivers a 330-degree field of view while closer at hand, the dashboard features dedicated cupholders and a holder for mobile phones.

Okuyama conducted extensive consultations with actual tractor drivers who advised him they considered the driver's seat to be their “workplace”. As such, efforts were made to establish the optimum placement of shift levers, air conditioning vents and other ergonomic functions.

Sales of Yanmar's YT Series Tractor are scheduled to begin in May of 2015 with pricing estimated to be in the range of 8,137,800 yen to 12,442,700 yen, or $68,870 to $105,300. (via MyNavi News)