YearMadeForMe: Custom Calendar Company For The Office Or Back To School

For the defiantly organized going off to school or to the office, wall planning calendars are a great way to keep track of events, meetings and other important dates. But for those who just don't think that's enough, there is a company that creates custom calendars.

YearMadeForMe allows you to custom design and insert all of the dates you need to remember for the year; you can choose your own color; and best of all you can start the calendar from any date you'd like so there's no need to have wasted sections of the calendar when your scheduled time doesn't start in September or in January.

YearMadeForMe's line of products could make a neat gift idea for an office or for a college student going off to school, but other than that - I can't see there being a market for it beyond those who are neat to a fault, because everyone else can write in their own important dates to remember on a wall calendar.

What do you think?