This Year's Best Solar Powered Halloween Lights

Solar powered Halloween lights have evolved a little more this year than last year's. Below you will find a variety of solar powered lights to choose from. The list includes: pumpkins, gargoyles, witches, monsters and a scarecrow. Some are cute and fun. Others are scarier and gruesome, but they all charge up during the day and then light up the night while saving you money on your electric bill year after year.


1. Frankenstein's Monster & Bride Solar Light

Monsters come in solar too. From Dept 56 the monster (not Frankenstein) and his bride, have their neon green and pink heads upon a stake. Each adorable monster stands 28.5 inches tall. The solar panels lay on top of their head so that they can turn themselves on at dusk! Want more of the Dept 56 collection? Collect the crazy Solar Powered Witch light stake as well. (Update: no longer available.)

2. Solar Melting Witch

The Solar Melting Witch is colorful bubbly statue that isn't very scary, but it is very cute. Decorated with glowing bubbles, a shiny red apple, empty shoes, and the witches unmelted hand it will be hard for visitors not to take notice of it. It is so popular it has already sold out. I can't find it anywhere else online.


3. Solar Powered Gargoyle

Gargoyles once were made to protect the roofs of castles and cathedrals. Now they're used to scare people in movies and during Halloween. This childlike gargoyle with glowing evil green eyes, fang teeth and claws stands 8 inches tall. If you're a Lord of the Rings fan it may remind you of Gollum. (Update: This exact light is no longer available, but a similar light is available here.)


4. Solar Halloween Pumpkin Statue Light

Pumpkins can look scary too. This evil little pumpkin statue from Tektrum with angry eyes and grin sits on a rock with a welcome sign behind it. It weighs about 5lbs and has a separate solar panel with holder to store the power of the sun. Tektrum also carries the Solar RIP Halloween Tombstone with winged skull-head light.


5. Gargoyle On Flashlight

This 9 inch tall gargoyle statue from Oriental Trading looks a little friendlier, like a happy dog getting ready to jump on someone. The Gargoyle playfully sits on what appears to be a flashlight that lights up the night. Oriental Trading also carries the Solar Grave Ghoul with light-up lantern, which is similar to the solar corpse statue from last years list.


6. Solar Pumpkin String Light

Solar powered string lights aren't just available during Christmas anymore they're now available for Halloween too at the Global Source website. This string light is 19-1/2-feet long and has 14 super bright white LEDs. Feel free to hang it in a tree, around your patio or around your front door and just watch it light up. (Buy here.)


7. Solar Gargoyle Dragon

This 19 pound mystical gargoyle dragon statue, sold at the Mystical Dragon truly looks mystical. The statue comes with a mystical globe that lights up at night and a dragon that protects the globe, but if you don't like dragons you may like the Keeper of the Flame also found at the Mystical Dragon website. (UPDATE: This dragon is no longer available. Perhaps this Solar Gargoyle will be a good alternative?)


8. Pumpkin Solar Lawn Stake

Here is a pretty happy jack-o-lantern stake to decorate your garden. It has a gentle glow and a wire handle designed to look like a vine. By more than one and place them in flower pots within the garden to help light up your garden at night. (Buy here.)


9. Checkers Solar Gnomes

When some people think of gnomes they have images of ugly mean gnomes statues haunting front yards everywhere, but the Checkers Solar gnomes isn't ugly or mean looking in any way. Instead this Checker Solar Gnome statue of two friendly looking gnomes playing checkers while sitting on red little mushrooms is very delightful.


10. Scarecrow on Pumpkin Solar Light

My favorite solar Halloween light for this year is the collectible Scarecrow on Pumpkin Solar Light. It's an adorable colorful scarecrow with a red handkerchief, a fun smile and a straw hat standing tall and proud behind 3 glowing pumpkins. The statue measures 12 inches high x 6 and 1/2 inches wide.

I hope you've enjoyed this years Halloween solar powered lights. Keep in mind that many of these decorative lights can be used all year round, not just only during Halloween. May your Halloween be safe, fun, and filled with solar power day and night.

(UPDATE: Many of the lights featured here were only offered for one season and no longer available. You may be able to find similar solar Halloween lights here.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger