Yeduo Designs Look To Hang Around

Like most college students, I can claim that I’ve been swamped with clothes hangers before. When I sped off to start my program, family members reached out to me with open arms and handed me piles of clothes hangers. To this day, I can say I have about 30 yellow (yes, yellow!) plastic hangers crowding my closet. But after seeing the latest designs from Yeduo, I may never have to use those tacky accessories again.

Source: Trendhunter

Yeduo’s recent line of clothes hangers is amazingly artistic. The unique shape and look make the designs very attractive. Instead of having a boring clothes hanger, you now have the option of adding some style to the way you hang your items. It may not seem like much, but these designs can add a lot of colour and imagination to a boring room.

Source: Trendhunter

One interesting thing to note is how Yeduo describes their products. For their “Pole Jumper” model, they use the following description:

“This guy is addicted to the pole jump!!
Nothing can stop him from jumping beyond any stick.
Now he is aiming for your closet...
Can he make it this time?”

Keeping with the sports theme, other designs include hangers based on gymnastics, football and swimming. The concepts behind these products may seem a little wacky, but you have to admit that they do look cool. Aside from being a clothes hanger, these designs could also be used as a hat or coat rack; wouldn’t that surprise your guests when they come over!