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In this day and age, lighting is an old concept. People all over the world have lights in their houses, in their cars, and their living spaces. However, there is nothing old about lighting technology and lights are becoming much more advanced. The Yeelight is one of these advances in lighting technology. The Yeelight is a fully functional light with a modern exterior. However, the Yeelight also takes the simple light and brings it up a level as a versatile, color-changing light that can be controlled through your smartphone.

I was provided a free sample of the Yeelight to review by Gearbest.com. The opinions expressed here about the light are not influenced by the free sample. 

Features of Yeelight

When I received Yeelight, I had never seen it before and had no expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The sleekness of it surprised me, and I began to appreciate it’s feature rich yet simple design. The whole light is a single column, shaped like a cylinder. At the bottom of the light is a metal base, remarkably silver, but somehow not shiny. Seamless with the metal base is the actual light. It is an opaque, white plastic which is  smooth to the touch. It rises approximately 17.5cm above the 5.5 cm base, giving the light a total height of about 22cm. This allows the lamp to be tall enough to be noticed, but small enough so that it is not overwhelming. At the top of the lamp are all the controls. Only two buttons are located on the whole lamp; an on/off button and a change color button. Overall, the extremely modern look of the lamp makes it worth the money if you are looking for something that works well, but looks great too.
Yeelight Is Sleek And Elegant LookingYeelight Is Sleek And Elegant Looking

One of the key features of Yeelight is that it can be easily controlled directly from the lamp, or via Bluetooth through a smartphone. The website for Yeelight  states that it changes between 16 million colors.  Although I didn’t actual count, the possibilities seem endless. You can change every color to be as bright or as dim as you want. It is important to note that Yeelight is not bright enough to be used as the primary light in a room.  It would be mainly used as accent lighting.   In pitch black, I would equate its lowest brightness to that of how the moon looks behind stormy clouds, and it’s highest brightness to that of an iPhone light.

Yeelight’s controls are very simple once you learn how to use them. However, what's not simple is learning how to control the Yeelight since the instructions are in Chinese… So for all of you who aren’t literate in Chinese, here is my take on the instructions on how to operate the Yeelight.

Yeelight Instructions (In English)

Getting Power:

The first thing you are going to need to do in order to use your Yeelight is connect it to a power source. Using the adapter found in the original box, locate the circle shaped end of the plug. Connect that end of the plug directly into the back of the Yeelight, where a circle shaped outlet can be found. From there, put the other side of the plug into a normal outlet.

To Fuction The Light Directly:

Control Yeelight With A Simple TouchControl Yeelight With A Simple Touch
Press the center power button to turn it on and off. Press the oval shaped secondary button to change the color. To change how bright the light is, place your finger on the perimeter of the top, opposite to where the color change button is located. Swipe your finger to the left to make the light dimmer, and swipe your finger to the right to increase the brightness. To have more color options, hold down the color button, and use the same process used to change the brightness, to cycle through all the colors. Additionally, if you look on the plastic cover to the lamp (that comes with the original packaging), you can locate the place to put your fingers when changing brightness or color.

To Fuction The Light Remotely (via Smartphone):

Change The Yeelight Lamp By PhoneChange The Yeelight Lamp By Phone

In the instructions packet that comes with the Yeelight, you will find a QR code. Use a QR code scanner on your smartphone to bring you directly to the app store page where you can download the Yeelight app, or just search up “Yeelight” in your phone’s appstore to find the app. The correct app has an orange icon and is labeled “yeelight” followed by a few Chinese letters. (The Android App is here and it gets mediocre reviews. The Apple app is here. I used it with myiPhone and had noproblems.)

Once downloaded, it is rather difficult to set up, as everything is in another language. I will try my best to explain exactly how to work everything, but I learned it all through trial and error, so bear with me. First launch the app. The screen you will encounter has two main ovals that you can click. Press the bottom one, and set up a Mi Account. It will then show an animation of how to sync the Yeelight with your phone. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth enabled and your Yeelight is plugged in. Simply press the color changing button on your Yeelight, and your smartphone screen will change. You can now control your Yeelight from your smartphone. The four buttons on the bottom of the screen are controls. Here is what they individually do and how to work them.

Far Left: This is the on and off button. Click it to turn your Yeelight on or off.

Middle Left: You can change brightness and color from here. On this setting, you cannot get the color white. On your smartphone, move your finger left or right to change the color. On the top of your screen, a color bar will appear showing you which color you are on, along with the whole screen changing that color. To change the brightness, scroll your finger up and down the screen. The top of the screen is the brightest setting, and the bottom of the screen is the dimmest setting.

Middle Right: This can be used to get a pure, white light. This is the button primarily for reading or working.  However, it can be used for whatever you want. Control it the same as you did for the last button. Like the last one, a bar will appear at the top of your screen telling you what color your lamp is.

Far Right: This button is my favorite. You can just click it once, and your Yeelight will shift through an infinite loop of every color in the rainbow. To adjust the speed of the colors changing, you can move your fingers left and right. Again, like the last two, a bar will appear at the top of your screen. You will see two icons.  The closer you are to the bunny icon, the faster the colors will change color. The closer you are to the turtle icon, the slower the colors will change color. My favorite setting is in the middle.

Possible Concerns and Issues

Overall, I have very little complaints with this product. If you are looking for a bright light source, look elsewhere as this is not the light for you. This is mood lighting at it's best.

My major issue is the fact that all the instructions are in a different language, which makes it hard to learn every feature of the lamp. However, if you can read Chinese, or have a family member or friend who can read it to you, then your life is a lot easier. Google translate can also help a lot too. With the mobile version of the app you can scan words and Google will translate them for you.  So figuring out all of the features and abilities of the Yeelight may take some effort, but now that I have given you basic instructions for the Yeelight, turning on the key features of the Yeelight will no longer a problem. There does seem to be some frustration by some users of the apps for the yeelight, but I used it on my iPhone and did not encounter any problems. Besides that, there is nothing else I can say that is bad about it.

Overall Recommendation

A Few Of Yeelight's Millions Of ColorsA Few Of Yeelight's Millions Of Colors
The amount of functionality with this product is very cool. It is great for almost any setting. You can use it as a normal house light, and leave it on white all the time. You can use it as nightlight for your kids, and keep it on a dim color of their choice. You can even change its color according to the holiday. Whatever your need is, or whatever color you need, Yeelight can fulfill that request. Imagine controlling your kid’s light from your room. You could just open up the app, and without even moving from your bed, you could dim or turn off your child’s light, say goodnight to them, and then go on to do whatever you need. You could do all that without getting up from your chair.

Yeelight Has Wonderful ColorsYeelight Has Wonderful Colors

The Yeelight is so versatile; the  things you could do with it are endless. I really like the fact that you can make it any color you like. I also really love that you can control it with your phone. Through testing, I have found that it works even when the light is on the third floor of my house, and I am controlling it from the basement. The last thing that I love about the light is how sleek the design is. If you are trying to make your home look sleek and modern, this product could definitely be in the running for light candidates. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, functional light. You can get your own Yeelight at Gearbest.com here.

Yeelight On My Desk In The AfternoonYeelight On My Desk In The Afternoon

Yeelight On My Desk At NightYeelight On My Desk At Night


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