Yello Sunshine: Raw, Gluten-Free Granola Bars That Taste Great

Yello Sunshine BarsYello Sunshine Bars

Whether you live an active lifestyle, are planning a hiking or camping trip or just like to have handy and delicious snacks, you know the convenience of snack bars. You may buy them for protein, convenience or because some taste like a cookie. Yello Sunshine is a new granola bar that is made of the simplest ingredients, is gluten-free and tastes great.

Amy Prosise is the mind behind the Yello Sunshine bars. She and the others at Yello Sunshine wanted a bar that they could stomach during activity, would fuel them through the end and was made with real, natural ingredients. They couldn't find what they wanted, so they decided to create it themselves, and the Yello Sunshine Bars were born.

Yello Sunshine Raw Granola BarsYello Sunshine Raw Granola Bars

The original Yello Sunshine bar is made with peanuts, cashews, gluten-free oats, dates, raw coconut and chocolate. Cinnamon, a natural sweetner and two other natural ingredients round out the ingredients list. That's a total of 10 ingredients. FYI, I just counted the number of ingredients on the granola bar in my lunch bag, and I reached 10 before I was halfway through.

There are no preservatives in these bars and nothing that's hard to pronounce. Having so few ingredients make these bars easy to digest and friendly to the tummies of the gluten-intolerant people. Right now there is only the "original" Yello Sunshine bar, however Prosise and the others at Yello Sunshine welcome flavor suggestions. The bar has only just recently reached the masses, but Yello Sunshine wants to give their consumers more options.

If you're gluten-intolerant or just want a natural, great tasting granola bar, you can find out more about the Yello Sunshine bar and company and order your own box of bars on the Yello Sunshine website