Yelo Wellness Center: Power Napping & Reflexology For The Chronically Fatigued

Ever been so exhausted walking down the streets of New York City, you just wished there was a good place to relax and take a nap, like a park bench that didn't need to be shared with someone who called it their home? Fortunately, for NYC residents, there's no need to go there, since now they have Yelo; a wellness center that specializes in power napping and reflexology to help busy city dwellers relax and take a load off.

Yelo offers residents of NYC the Yelocab experience to powernap, which involves lying in a zero-gravity chair while the cabins fill with aromatherapy, chromatherapy and purified air. To get the best benefits of a powernap, Yelo offers its napping sessions in 5 minute intervals ranging from 20 minutes to 40 minutes for the ultimate rejuvenation. Reflexology services are also available at Yelo to provide additional relaxation and stress relief to alleviate the stresses that come from living in a city with minimal green space and a minor gang presence, of course.

To sleep through the workday at Yelo, interested users should book in advance or receive priority bookings by signing up and paying the fee to become members. Or they will get a nasty wakeup call, not in the form of the Yelocab's gentle rising sun reproductions, when spots are unavailable.

Yelo's contemporary twist on the spa experience brings acceptable napping to NYC, and businesses will be thankful as overall productivity increases!

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous


this is one hella sweet idea! except i bet you anything that is amazingly expensive to do! im gonna go home after work today and light a few candles and take a nap on my memory foam bed! i will get the ULTIMATE naptime experiance for only about 15 dollars (price of the candles imma buy)! then im gonna take a hot shower and get a happy ending with my girlfriend! ahhhh the best spa at home night ever! thanks for the inspiration she and i are gonna have a great time tonight!

May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

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