The YES WE CAN! Choc-O-Bama

The Neopolitan Printing & Company may be a strange name for a chocolate company; nevertheless, its handmade chocolates are not strange. They are most "sympatico," inspired by local connaisseurs and artists with a taste for taste and dedication to a divine finished product.

Neopolitan's latest treat makes a political statement as well as a tasty one. The 3.5" tall choc-O-bama celebrates Barack Obama's successful presidential bid, as well as his message: YES WE CAN!

And true to President Obama's commitment of transparency, Neopolitan let's us witness the Choc-O-Bama's progress as it's being made, from molding to final packaging. (No, you can't have the secret recipe.)





Above and below is the choc-O-bama bittersweet with edible bronze dust....



This one's the milk chocolate variety!



The above photo shows the back of the package with its Barack-Obamic commentary:



"After many months of hard work towards CHANGE, the time has finally arrived. We all HOPE the future tastes as smooth as this fine choc-O-bama. If you do not believe that one person or one piece of chocolate could make a difference, stop and think again.. “YES WE CAN!”

The $20 cost per choc-O-bama goes pretty far, as it includes U.S. shipping and a $1.00 donation to charity... and you get to vote on where the donations should go.

The Neapolitan Printing & Company is a site to see -- definitely drop in the the choc-O-bama, the Mustache On A Stick (I could never get one close to my nose without eating it! ), and the Year Of The Ox Box (too beautiful to eat!), all made for 2009... and check out the 2008 special works, as well.



Jan 26, 2009
by Anonymous


that wouldn't go far at all...that would be eaten in one go.