Another Hands-free Umbrella? This One Is Truly Different

I like traditional umbrellas, the ones with rods, but I do accept that they are far from perfect. They manage to break or turn over in high winds, require me to use one or both hands, and are perfect electricity conductors. So, I keep a lookout for anything that promises to be hands free in the umbrella world.

The UFO Cap umbrella got me thinking on many issue... looks- much like a condom, functionality- will it manage to meet and better the requirements a traditional umbrella and, so on.

Starting with the look.

The UFO Cap is basically a head-condom which flares at the shoulders to keep rain water at bay. Though it is a hands free idea, I don't think it would work.

Firstly it's going to mess up whatever hair style and make up you have on.

Secondly, on a rainy, windy day the elements will lash across your face, blinding your for all practical purposes, and the UFO umbrella might be rendered useless.

UFO Cap manufacturers say, "On a rainy day, it will be the wings for your arms!"

I tend to agree, it's an interesting concept which might turn out to be useful in situations where you must have the use of both hands. You can order here .