Yey! You Can Really Remote Control A Roach from Your Smart Phone

Kids of my generation went crazy for remote controlled devices.  The most popular, of course, was the remote controlled car.  But other remote controlled devices, such as airplanes and boats, also had their niches.  But today's children apparently won’t be satisfied with a remote controlled vehicle. As usual, technology came to the rescue - this time by giving children of the world remote controlled cockroaches.


You read right.  The inventors at Backyard Brains have not only created a method for hacking the nervous system of a cockroach and allowing the insect to be controlled remotely, but apparently – like so many other things these days - there’s an app for that.

It’s hard to believe that the world has come to this.  An actual product which allows children to violate the free will of another living being, and force it to do who knows what.

Smart Phone Controlled RoachSmart Phone Controlled Roach

While most people would have no qualms with squashing a roach at a moment’s notice, the introduction of this roach remote control product into the market has actually caused a bit of an ethical debate. For example, Jonathan Balcombe, of the Humane Society University in Washington, D.C. says that the product causes real harm to roaches. Perhaps he is right, but he would have a hard time selling the moms of the world on the fact that they need to be concerned about roach safety.

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