Yike Bike Electric Bicycle


Combine the modern-day unicycle with the vintage Penny Farthing bicycle and you get the Yike Bike--a fitting name given that it doesn't look any more stable than either of the aforementioned contraptions. Unlike its two inspirations, this mini-Farthing isn't powered by calve muscles, but electricity. To increase awkwardness a little more, the handlebars are  located on the sides of the rider--because how many cyclists have wished that they could hold on the way that you death-grip a car door handle when crazy Uncle Rodney is behind the wheel.

Despite its odd rider configuration, the Yike Bike actually features a lot of notable tech. The carbon composite frame keeps weight down to a scant 21 lbs., and the bike folds up to a size of 43 liters to help commuters transport it from place to place. Other features include electric, anti-skid brakes; leather, super comfort seat; and LED safety lights. 

The unfortunate price tag of 3,500 Euros (app. $5,235) really brings this product screaming to a halt. For that kind of money, you could certainly afford a more functional, albeit slightly less environmentally-chummy means of transportation (scooter, motorcycle, used car). The 10 kilometers per charge that the Yike Bike travels also limits it to the lightest commuters. And we won't even mention how damn stupid one would look riding one on a crowded sidewalk--pink button-up or not. 

Yike Bike  via DesignCrave