The YikeBike Folding Electric Bike Challenges The Traditional Bike Design

The YikeBikeThe YikeBike

The YikeBike looks like a modern, miniature version of the penny-farthing or high wheeler bike (you know, the old school bike with the really big front wheel). But, if you look closer, you'll see some design features that set this bike apart from the crowd of traditional bikes.

One part bike, one part friend of the environment, one part fashion statement, the YikeBike is, on one hand, a convenient and green means of urban commuting, and on the other hand, an indulgence in technology and innovative design. YikeBike is smaller than normal bikes, and the handlebars sit at your side. It is also sleek and minimalist in appearance. 

Riding And Transporting YikeBikeRiding And Transporting YikeBike

The designers of the YikeBike sought to create a personal transportation device that was as easy to ride as a bike, but smaller and more maneuverable. The YikeBike was born out of these aims. It is small and lightweight--the heaviest model only weighs about 35 pounds (the lightest is 25)--and it is efficient--the motor, on full charge, has about a 13 mile range and can travel about 15mph.

The YikeBike also folds up more effectively than normal folding bikes. It's not one of those bikes that is just as awkward to carry folded as it is fully assembled. The YikeBike folds into a convenient circular shape and can be packed away in its own bag and carried around as you would a satchel. 

YikeBike FoldedYikeBike Folded

With its fashionable design and green efficiency, the YikeBike has won a number of awards. It appeared on the front page of TIME magazine, is on permanent display at the London Design Museum, won an iF product design award, a BEST Product design award, hold a Guinness World Record and has earned quite a few other accolades. 

The makers of the YikeBike want to give their customers freedom--freedom from congestion, traffic, parking hassles and fuel bills--and that's what you'll get. For more information on the YikeBike and the two models, Model V and Model C, visit the YikeBike site