Yikes! Kids Can Use Kit to Extract DNA!

If you read my article concerning the DIY Blood Type Testing Kit, you'll know two things:

1. I'm amazed that items such as this are categorized as toys and...
2. ...that little Billy thinks that his Dad has been replaced by a monster-and is attempting to determine if this is true.

Billy's first attempt involved the purchase and use of the DIY Blood Type Testing Kit manufactured by beyourdoctor.  As it was just a blood type tester, he was unable to determine if dear ol' Dad was a monster or not.*

But now he can...


This is the Extract Your DNA Gold Cube from ScienceWiz.

And yes... it's available in the toy section of several web sites.

While I'm not sure I like the idea of kids messing around with DNA, there's no denying that this is pretty cool.  It essentially allows you to extract your DNA for various uses.  One suggested use is somewhat odd: jewelry.  The extracted DNA is sealed in a pendant that can then be worn on a chain.  I don't get it... but then again, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other's blood around their necks for years...

 A more practical application is to make DNA encoded ink, and (this actually makes sense) use this to sign artwork and important documents-guaranteeing that they are authentic and not forgeries.  Instructions for DNA extraction are included, of course.

As far as I can tell there's no way this kit would allow a kid to manufacture some sort of critter via genetic manipulation.  At least I hope there isn't...  I wouldn't want to come home to some half-cat half-dog all poop creature floppin' through my house.

And what did Billy do?

Well, when he saw this kit online, he immediately ordered it.  It arrived a week later.  He collected his sample while Dad was sleeping and mailed it to a local lab for analysis...

You can find the Extract Your DNA Gold Cube at Toys2Wish4.

*He is.  And now Billy knows...

Jan 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Make Magazine had an article

Make Magazine had an article several issues ago on how to take a cheek swab, separate the DNA, replicate it and create a very basic DNA print at home using about $300 worth of materials. It's amazing how technology brings even formerly complicated stuff to the masses in time.