YO2 - Delta: A New Kind of Yo-Yo

I'm reasonably sure that I'm mentally deficient.  I constantly misplace my glasses (making it impossible to find them, as I can't see s**t).  My short-term memory is shot.  My coordination is just plain horrible.  And my short-term memory is shot.

Yo-yos are just plain evil.  I'll sling one down to the ground and it will ricochet off of the pavement and turn flaccid.  Sounds naughty, but it's true.  To be fair, I have gotten the yo-yo up once or twice - but I had to pay it (*bah-dum-bing!*  I'm here all week!  Try the roast beef!).

Seriously, I hate them.  But I must say that I find this a bit intriguing:

The Yo-Yo RevolutionThe Yo-Yo Revolution

Though this picture makes me hate them again:

"Sha-Wow!" says the Yo-Yo guy.  I quietly walk away."Sha-Wow!" says the Yo-Yo guy. I quietly walk away.

But I'm gonna move forward...

The Yo2-Delta merges yo-yo and spin top design into one crazy toy.  It comes in multiple colors and apparently has a very long "sleep time."

For me, "sleep time" means something that I simply don't have - be it with a yo-yo or with a bed.

If you're really good with yo-yos, this little sucker may be your next step.  It definitely looks challenging:

I was pretty good with spin tops when I was a kid.  And that aspect of design has me interested in trying again.  I may give this a shot.  It can't be more embarrassing than what happens when I use a regular yo-yo...

Now that I think of it, I smashed my eyeball in trying to do "Walk the Dog."


If yo-yos are for you, try the new challenge!  Get your own Yo2-Delta at Amazon!
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