YogaTailor: Site Creates Custom Yoga Programs

Yoga is hugely popular right now, and in order to compete, websites and yoga studios need to have an edge against the competition. There's a new website that offers a unique yoga experience for a very affordable price!

YogaTailor is a unique concept because it offers custom yoga classes for students online. You sign up for a monthly membership, and answer a few questions about your level of experience, any particular physical concerns (back problems, pregnancy etc) and the amount of free time to practice yoga. Then they'll put together a little program so you can embrace your inner yogi. I sense a great holiday gift...though ensure it's a gift to someone already into yoga so it's not taken the wrong way! 

Via: Springwise

Feb 9, 2012
by alsomiatoyler

Basically Yoga tailor

Basically Yoga tailor creates an online huge platform to aware its yoga related valuable information that includes for Custom DVD-quality Yoga Videos and Yoga Exercise Downloads. For getting healthy and fit always through regular exercises is one of most effective way to be successful. People must be following such fantastic media.