You Can Go Back Again -- Crayola Launches Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring books have become a huge trend among adults lately. It is a chance to relive a small part of our childhoods and has been reported to be just as therapeutic as meditation for people. So it should come as no surprise that Crayola, the crayon giant, has come out with their own line of Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages for adults.

 Crayola Color Escapes Coloring PagesCrayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages

Some believe that the trend likely started with a whimsical, garden-themed adult coloring book by Scottish artist Johanna Basford in 2013 and from there the industry exploded. If you ask me it started when we were kids and we reluctantly hung up our crayons. I remember secretly buying a Suzy's Zoo coloring book in my early 20s and having a private splurge. How many others have done the same?

Now the can is open and the coloring worms are all over the place. I have a number of friends who are finding coloring a great way to relax and come down off the stress of the day. So it comes as no surprise that Crayola would want to get in on the market that they had originally connected with over many decades. 

Crayola Color Escapes Coloring PagesCrayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages

This new product line consists of four sets of "coloring pages" rather than actual books. You can make your choice between Nature, Gardening, Kaleidoscope, and Geometric. Each of these sets comes with colored pencils and either a selection of watercolor pencils or fine line markers. Naturally you aren't limited to these for coloring. After the kids go to bed you can steal their Crayola Crayons and use them yourself. You also get online access for support on how to take your coloring up to a whole new level of artistry.

Art therapy has been shown to decrease the physical and emotional distress of serious illness such as cancer. Engaging in the creative process can also help people with conditions such as depression, dementia, anxiety, and PTSD. The one glitch in all of this is that in just making art doesn't have the same effect on everyone. For those who consider themselves bad at artistic endeavors tend not to benefit as much from art therapy.

Crayola Color Escapes Coloring PagesCrayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages

This is where coloring books come in. They level the playing field. You don't have to have a particular artistic talent to color. Just the act of coloring seems to provide the creative outlet that offers the same therapeutic benefit to everyone. 

Another aspect of coloring that has begun to be noticed is the level of focus that it brings to people. Some college students have been coloring during lectures to help them absorb more of the information being given to them. More professors are beginning to accept and even welcome this behavior.

Whatever coloring can do for you, Crayola is now there for your, much like when you were a child. However, the same rules apply -- no coloring on the walls. To order Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages for yourself or as a gift for a stressed-out loved one, click here.

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