You Bar Takes Nutritional Bars and Shakes To A New Level With Customization

It can be tough to find a protein shake or nutritional bar that tastes good and contains all the ingredients you're looking for. You Bar gives you exactly what you want by allowing you to create your own customized bars and shakes online. Be prepared, this article might start your stomach grumbling.








The process is fun and easy, using a step-by-step check box selection method for each desired ingredient for your own bar or shake. As you add or remove items from your creation, there is a box with nutritional information to let you know exactly what you'll be ingesting, in terms of calories, fat, fiber and more. There are also help functions incase you're not sure what to choose, and a final tip box to let you know what might improve the taste or texture of your nutritional item.








The shake is delivered in powdered form, available in three sizes; which are 20, 30 and 40 gram packages ranging from $38-$42 USD a box. Most of the ingredients are natural, even the sweeteners, are available in organic form and have selections to meet specific dietary requirements.

The bar has more components and takes longer to create than the shake, but hopefully with worthwhile results, for $38-$41 per box of 13. All bases available are some form of organic nut or bean butter and other selections include nuts & grains, protein, dried fruits, sweeteners, seasonings, grains & cereals and infusions. While of course you don't have to choose everything, they do allow you to choose 1 or more from each category for optimal nutrition and taste. The best part of the process is getting to give your healthy amalgamation a name to be printed on the wrapper.

You Bar may be raking in the dough themselves, with informal celebrity endorsements from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Fergie, but you can't knock them, because they do their part by giving back. They make regular donations to UNICEF and the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank, and also support fundraising activities in the area.

There's just one aspect of their company I can't quite reconcile; how a business that has had major press coverage and celebrity endorsements can have a site that looks so unimpressive. Perhaps they really are making so many community charity contributions that web design just isn't a priority in their budget. But, I guess it proves that image isn't always everything.

Maybe a great gift idea for the health nut in your family, or perhaps a fabulously innovative business; whichever way you want to look at it, I like it.








Now that I've given you a cool customization business to think about; grab a snack and start thinking about what yours will be.

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Dec 12, 2008
by Anonymous

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