You Be the DJ with Electro-House Blender

Did you ever go out to a club and listen to some thumpin' dance beats and think to yourself, "Hey, I could do this?"  If you have a passion for electronic music, or even just a curiosity into how it's done, then this is the site for you.  Loop Labs and Scion present you with an online mixer application called Electro-House Blender, which puts you behind the virtual turntables to create your own music.

For those who have experience creating music, either electronically or through analogue devices, the experience you'll get is fun, but minimal.  The site runs off a flash application that runs natively on the website, so don't expect any huge sound processing power.  Also, you are given a set of looped samples from which to create your work, so don't think you'll be selling out city venues any time soon, either.

 What Electro-House Blender does do really well is give you a pretty good impression of how musicians deal with digital sound files in order to crate music.  You have complete control over volume envelopes, and you get to see the literal sound wave files displayed out in the editor so you get a visual sense of how audio works.  It's a really great thing for those who are looking to get into music or have a tingling curiosity to try their hand at mixing some dance beats.

Even if you're an audio pro, you might still have fun with Electro-House Blender.  I've been recording music for over 10 years, and I still thought it was fun.  Sometimes when you put yourself in a box, creatively, you have to be more creative to get back out of it (does that make any sense?).  Regardless of your background, I think you can have some good fun with Electro-House Blender.  So, go spin it up, and let's hear what the best you have to offer!