You Say Potato, I Say AHHHH! Creepy Potato Portraits

Lebanese artist Ginou Choueiri takes plain old potatoes and gives them a face only a mother could love.

Potato Portraits is an installation containing hundreds of potato heads. It is part of a Lebanese-Italian exhibition titled "Hope and Doubts" located in Beirut.

From Choueiri's site: "I chose the potato to portray the human face due to the many striking parallels: their porous skin, their similar color, and like us, they come in different shapes and sizes. The portraits are that of friends, family, people I've met along the way, as well as politicians and pop stars."

Eventually these potato people grow sprouts, decay and then die.

Since Halloween is coming up, this would be a perfect setup to scare the kiddies as they come across what they think is a pumpkin patch, while in fact it is an Invasion of the Potato People.

With Thanksgiving approaching, you could offer to bring the potatoes to dinner. 

I think these would be great to strategically place around the house, especially when guests will be spending the night. It would probably work best with people that don't know you very well. You could direct them to your refrigerator for a refreshing beverage and when they open the door, they will see hundreds of these potato faces neatly lined up and staring back at the. You could even go further and add voices to the faces to make it seem all that more Twilight Zone-ish. If that's not enough for them, you could hide some potato people in the bathtub, under their bed sheets, or even in dresser drawers. This may work well with in-laws that are planning on spending the holidays with you.

What do you think of this potato art? Have any good ideas as to what you could do with them to scare as many people as you can? I'm open to suggestions.


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Ginou Choueiri's website to see more of this creepily cool art.

Oct 13, 2009
by Anonymous

I Like it

I always enjoy the creative works of artists. These spuds are great. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers who would probably have missed this great story otherwise!

Oct 13, 2009
by Anonymous

So creative

So creative, huh? Who say they are just vegetables. I say they are artworks.

Oct 21, 2009
by Anonymous

COOOL! I love them, so

COOOL! I love them, so funny :)

Nov 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Please tell me

Please tell me where i can find someone to make this for me!!!!!

Nov 10, 2009
by Anonymous

What a neat idea!

Heard about you from a Eugene, Oregon radio station. These are really cool. Such realistic faces.