YouBar: Customizable Goodie Company Introduces Create Your Own Cookies!

I wrote about YouBar a while back to introduce this innovative healthy food company that allows people to create their own delicious and nutritious treats, including customizable protein bars and shakes. You really can't beat a company that lets you create your own products. Now, they've introduced something else to their line...and it's mouth-watering!


I was sold on YouBar previously, but now that they also offer customizable cookies, I'm a total convert (the fact that I got a tasty sample didn't hurt either!). What's great about the YouCookie line is that many of the ingredients are healthy or organic (whole wheat flour is the norm for a basic cookie), but they're still sinful enough to fill your cookie fix. Yes, it's possible to bake cookies in your own kitchen; but the diversity of ingredients and the availability of someone else to do it for you is so worthwhile. Plus, the cookies arrive in a nice tin that can be reused, with a custom label that includes your cookie name, and ingredient and nutritional information for your creation.

YouCookies have come along right on time for the holidays, and once again, they prove they've found their niche, and it's one that sure is tasty!