Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Do you have someone in your family that goes gaga for science? If so, hang onto your lab coat. The Young Scientist Alphabet Block set is going to knock your socks off!

Mad Scientist Alphabet BlocksMad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

This set of alphabet blocks is totally different from other alphabet blocks.   The Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks is a set of five beautifully hand-crafted blocks. Each block includes illustrations that are carefully engraved onto all six sides of the blocks. The  unique illustrations, which began as pen-and-ink drawings, are laser-engraved onto the blocks which are made from solid American maple. Each laser-engraved etching is like a piece of art - intricately designed with incredible detail.

The entire alphabet is depicted on the set. And if my math is correct, each of the five blocks has six sides for a total of 30 sides. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, a few of the letters are repeated on the blocks. Each side includes unique  illustrations of six mad scientist concepts, including:

A - Appendages
B - Bioengineering
C - Caffeine
D - Dirigible
E - Experiment
F - Freeze ray
G - Goggles
H - Henchmen
I - Invention J - Jargon
K - Potassium
L - Laser
M - Maniacal
N - Nanotechnology
O - Organs
P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q - Quantum physics
R - Robot S - Self-experimentation
T - Tentacles
U - Underground Lair
V - Virus
W - Wrench
X - X-Ray
Y - You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z - Zombies

And hidden within the blocks, is a super-duper secret code - just turn any of the blocks 180 degrees, and it will encode to ROT13. How cool is that?

From Xylocopa, the blocks have rounded edges and are recommended for children 6 months and up. The blocks are 1 3/8 inches square and do not contain harmful dyes or chemicals. The Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks retail for under $40.  Besides those mad scientists in your family, this would make a great gift for chemistry or science teachers too.

Source and Photo: Xylocopa



Apr 24, 2009
by Gloria Campos
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I want some for my baby

These are great!

Apr 25, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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Yes they are!

Hi Gloria,

They are pretty cool, aren't they?  Thanks for stopping by.


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