The Youngest Racing League Ever

Everyone knows when it comes to car production, the mentality is "Anything you can do, I can do better." But sometimes that kind of competition is taken a little bit too far and the result is something we will classify only as "interesting."

So what do you do when you want to influence someone to buy a six-figure exotic supercar? Easy, make them jealous. And who better to make them jealous of then their own children? Three different auto-makers decided to make a supercar specifically for ages 2-5, but they will still cost you a pretty penny.

The first of the newest 3 to come out was the Alfa Romeo Spider. It offers a choice of body-styles between the 8C Competizione or the Brera and also 2 separate powertrain options. The "base" model will cost just under $300 and will be powered by good old shoe leather. The "premium" package will get you a 6-volt electric motor at the extra cost of $200. You must also add a fee for shipping if you live out of the UK and you'll have to invest in some professional painting if you want any color other than red.

If your child is more into the older style of things, then a throw-back 1927 Bugatti T52 may be a better fit. These are actually replicas of a previous design from the 1920's when Ettore provided such toys to the children of royalty. Only 499 were made and each had a top speed of 10mph. They are 6.5 ft in lenght and use hand bent aluminium for the body. The seats are genuine leather and the "Bugatti Baby" is also equipped with a set of bonnet straps. To bring this home for your little angel will cost just under $10,000. Now that's real love.

Since Ferrari can't be outdone, they piped up with their own toddler toy. The FXX comes equipped with a 7-speed transmission, disk-brakes and semi-slick racing tires. It will also be utilizing an on-board computer system (maybe to limit top-speed...?) If you really want to go out all, you get a premium package which will give your little darling a premium racing seat with 4-point harness, leather wrapped steering-wheel and even an aero kit. The base package will set you back $900 while the premium package will add and extra $2000.

TurboToys also offers several other vehicles including a Maserati, Audi TT, Jaguar XK, Porsche, and several other Ferrari's.

The best part of this is the bragging rights from the proud parents.  I can hear it now, "My 5-year-old's Ferrari can..."   

Disclaimer : This will not under any circumstances appease a newly licensed 16-year-old, don't even try.

Source : CarScoop

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations