Your Beer Will Be Assimilated By The Borg Cube Fridge

If you're a Star Trek fan, you know of the insidious hive-mind known as The Borg Collective.  And now they are out to steal our beer--and keep it as cold as their frosty hearts.

This is the Borg Cube Fridge, and it is a product that any Borg would approve of (even 7 of 9).  And I suspect, due the advanced technology used in creating this little fridge, that even members of the Federation would be happy merging this in their crew quarters.  There are several benefits integrated into the Borg Cube Fridge, including that it can be used to not only keep food/beverages cool, but can also be used as a warmer.

It can be powered by a standard 120V power outlet or by a 12V battery (for when you take your runabout out to explore the Delta Quadrant.  The Fridge is quite small (making it portable, capable of holding the nine cans of beer--or the beverage of your choice) and is backlit with green lighting, just like The Borg ships.  The interior light is green as well.  It even has little rubber feet to keep from scratching up the counter next to your replicator.

With technology like this, how can the Federation compete?

Well, the last time The Borg Collective attempted to invade Earth to steal our beer, we weren't very happy about it. 


Take that you evil cyborgs!  Brew your own beer!

If you want your own very cool Borg Cube Fridge, head on over to ThinkGeek!  It costs $149.99, so it may assimilate your wallet a bit.  But the way I see this cool little fridge is that "Resistance is futile."

Scene from Star Trek: First Contact posted by Romulan64 on November 26, 2012.

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