Is Your Mate Cheating? Your Child Stealing? Find Out With A Home Lie Detector Test Kit


There are several lie detector games available, even many that are downloadable as apps for smart phones.  But the Home Lie Detector Test Kit now selling at Hammacher Schlemmer is not a game.  It's probably as close as a home lie detector kit comes to mirroring what law enforcement actually uses to measure physiological changes in our bodies that occur when we lie.  This portable Home Lie Detector Test...


Home Lie Detector Test KitHome Lie Detector Test Kit


... collects data on pulse rate and electrodermal readings and measures any change in these rates in response to specific questions. The data is graphed in real time using free downloadable software with output that looks like a professional polygraph. (The data entry is through a USB port and the software is compatiable with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OSX. )

The data charts show you when 'your subject's' pulse rate speeds up and what conductivity changes take place his skin as he (or she) responds to questions.  This information is all communicated to the Lie Detector's software through sensors taped to the subject's fingers.

This is an interesting home gadget.  How often it might be used to seriously obtain truthful information from one's family or other co-habitators is questionable.  Perhaps you could use this with a child or teen once in awhile, but its efficacy as a learning tool for your child would depend on how you respond to what you learn from the information.

As for information on your mate's fidelity... "Hey, honey! Want to voluntarily submit to taking a lie detector test concerning your whereabouts last night?"  Good luck with that.

The Home Lie Detector Test Kit might be a lot of fun at a party though!