Is Your Mom A Geek? 10 Mother's Day Gifts For Geeky Moms


Whether your Mom is a mathemetician, scientist, physician, gamer, or bookworm... if she's into Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Game of Thrones... Maybe she's just a generic geek.   We've got 10 Mother's Day gifts for the geek mom to make your shopping easier!

1. Best Mother's Day Gift For The Generic Geek Mom: ThinkGeek Charm Bracelet


European Style ThinkGeek Charm BraceletEuropean Style ThinkGeek Charm Bracelet

This is a geek Mom's delight and very personal.  Choose a sterling sliver bracelet and up to 24 different silver geek charms, each having a special meaning to your Mom.  Shown above (left to right) are the Companion Cube from the Portal video game, a Bling Mushroom, a ThinkGeek Timmy Charm, a Space Lampwork Bead, and a Happy Computer Charm. ThinkGeek has figured out that if you buy all 24 charms, you can arrange them 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 ways. (Actually, I'm not sure about the math there. Ask your Mom.)


2. Best Mother's Day Gift For Game Of Thrones Geek Mother:  Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister


Game of Thrones Dragon Egg CanisterGame of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister


Every Mom needs a place to incubate her dragons! This exclusive licensed Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister by ThinkGeek also double as a cookie jar when dragon mating season is over. If the canister is not perfect, ThinkGeek has a number of other dragon egg items that are pretty cool.


3. Best Mother's Day Gift For Minecraft Geek Moms: Minecraft Cookie Cutters


Minecraft Cookie CuttersMinecraft Cookie Cutters


Another exclusive ThinkGeek licensed product, the Minecraft Cookie Cutter set of 5 iconic game characters -  a pickaxe, a sword, a player, a cookie, and a Creeper - is perfect for a Mom who likes cookies that she can serve and eat, as opposed to ones on the Minecraft screen.  You might like them too!


4.  Best Mother's Day Gift For Science Geek Mom: DNA Earrings And Matching DNA Pendant


DNA EarringsDNA Earrings


These silver coated DNA Earrings are beautiful as well as meaningful to your science-loving Mom, and you can purchase a matching DNA Pendant too.  Besides acknowledging her geekiness, you'll be reminding her that you are her child every time she wears them.


5. Best Mother's Day Gift For A Doctor Who Geek Mom: Doctor Who TARDIS Apron


Doctor Who TARDIS ApronDoctor Who TARDIS Apron


Adjustable time travel apparel from ThinkGeek, the official Dr. Who TARDIS Apron will help Mom escape the kitchen when she needs to....


6. Best Mother's Day Gift For The Astronomy Geek Mom: Nebula Nail Wraps


Nebula Nail WrapsNebula Nail Wraps


These ThinkGeek original Nebula Nail Wraps are spectacular and the neatest thing about them is that they represent real nebulae in our universe!  You will have to use some imagination to find out your Mom's nail width... but these are worth the effort.


7. Best Mother's Day Gift For Obscure Literary Geek Mom: Lovecraftian Literary Nail Wraps


Lovecraftian Literary Nail WrapsLovecraftian Literary Nail Wraps


Moms with a literary bent will love these simple to apply Literary Nail Wraps, and in case they want to know where their texts originate, they can find out at ThinkGeek too.  They are obscure readings, but what may be harder to find out than these texts are your Mom's nail widths!


8.  Best Mother's Day Gifts For Star Trek Geeky Moms: Star Trek (Original Series) Knee-High Socks


Star Trek Knee-High SocksStar Trek Knee-High Socks


Knee-highs have come back in a major way, and there's no better way to display your Trekky geek than by wearing a pair of these colorful Star Trek women's socks, from the Original Series, of course.


9. Best Mother's Day Gift For Bot Geeks: Rhinestone Robot Pendant


 Rhinestone Robot PendantRhinestone Robot Pendant


Moms will love this guy, bot geeks or not.  The Rhinestone Robot Pendant is the perfect neck companion, with bling eyes and heart and jiggly arms and legs. 


10.  Best Mother's Day Gifts For Geeky Moms With Geeky Kids: Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st Century Families


Geek Mom: image via thinkgeek.comGeek Mom: image via


Activities from the collected works of, this book has activities for Geek Mom and wanna-be geek kids of all ages, from science experiments to costume making to magic games.  She'll love it and so will you.


P.S. If your Mom's a Star Wars geek, you must see this!

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