Is Your Vision Changing? FocusSpecs Adjustable Lenses Change Along With Your Vision


If you really want to see your close-up work clearly, you probably have at least three pair of eyeglasses with three different sets of prescription lenses. For example, you would need one pair for reading a book or using your smart phone, another for working on your laptop or tablet, and still another to see your desktop screen clearly. And what about distance lenses?

Fortunately, there is now an inexpensive way to go to get clarity for all your subjects if you are farsighted or nearsighted with adjustable lenses from FocusSpecs


FocusSpecs Adjustable LensesFocusSpecs Adjustable Lenses


You see the dial on each side of the FocusSpecs frame changes the diopter of each lense independent of each other, so that if one eye sees clearly at +1.5 diopter and the other at +2.5 diopter, that can be achieved.  And, of Sliding lenses developed by Nobel physicist Louis AlvarezSliding lenses developed by Nobel physicist Louis Alvarezcourse, as your distance needs change, as they do when you go from your smart phone to your laptop, you simply adjust the dials on your glass frames to see your subject clearly.  

There are a few other technologies used to achieve an adjustable lens, but FocusSpecs relies on the patented system designed by Nobel Prize recipient Louis Alvarez, a physicist who used two sliding lenses to create a range of diopters.  This range is what you can get when you adjust each lens with the dials on the frames.  


FocusSpecs adjust until you can see print clearlyFocusSpecs adjust until you can see print clearly


One thing for sure is that, as we age, our vision changes. Some of us are farsighted practically from birth, but few of us reach old age without needing glasses for reading and other close work.  Electronic reading puts an even greater strain on our eyes.  The FocusSpecs are a great way to accommodate the changes we have to make daily in our vision needs - from reading the instructions on a pill bottle to reading figures on a computer screen, from tightening a small screw to assembling a stationary bike... We need to see clearly

FocusSpecs or other self-adjusting glasses are probably not desirable to replace your prescription glasses, but they are less expensive than getting a spare prescription pair.  They are also good in a pinch when you need more magnification than your regular prescription glasses afford, say when you're removing a splinter or reading print on a television screen. And, there's always the time between visits to your optomitrist when your current prescription glasses just aren't working for you anymore....

FocusSpecs frames come in black, brown, and red and are available from in farsighted and nearsighted versions. For each pair sold, FocusSpecs donates a pair to Focus On Vision projects throughout the world.


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