Your Ability To Survive Packed Up Like A Can Of Sardines

These days a lot of folks are focusing on survival and packing up their bug out bag or building a defensible bunker. The truth is you are more likely to face a survival situation when your car breaks down in the wrong Survival Kit in a Sardine CanSurvival Kit in a Sardine Canplace, or something goes wrong when you are out hiking or biking. You don't necessarily need a lot to survive, but you do need something. A Survival Kit in a Sardine Can could be just what you need.

This tiny kit comes filled with 25 small items that could be what stands between you and the end of the world . . . well, your world. They are all packed into a real airtight, watertight sardine can. It is just the right size to take with you just about anywhere, in your glove compartment, purse, backpack, fanny pack, or briefcase. 

The items include a book of matches, a razor blade, a fish hook and line, a safety pin, a pencil, some notepaper, an adhesive bandage, an alcohol swab, antibiotic ointment, a non-aspirin pain reliever, first aid instructions, a water-proof bag, a Survival Kit in a Sardine CanSurvival Kit in a Sardine Canpaper clip, a fire-starter cube, chewing gum, a tea bag, some sugar, some salt, a reflective signaling surface, a whistle, a compass, a waterproof bag, and an "energy nugget." In the photos an energy nugget appears to be a Tootsie Roll. Most important of all is that the kit includes a bit of duct tape, which, as everyone knows, is the most versatile substance on earth.

The idea is for you to make your tea in the empty sardine can, though you will have to find water on your own. Any survival instructor will tell you that a whistle is a great way to be found and doesn't require as much physical energy as yelling. 

 Survival Kit in a Sardine Can ContentsSurvival Kit in a Sardine Can Contents

The one item the kit does not provide that the same survival instructor will tell you is that you need a good knife. If you pack that as well and keep your wits about you, then you are set to survive if you must. 

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