For Your Big Blow-Out You May Need A Big Blow-Up

Having a large amount of furniture around for that occasional big bash is not all that feasible. It takes up a lot of room and requires a lot of moving back and forth. And if you want to change venues and have your party Bench 7 AirLoungeBench 7 AirLoungeor reception at the beach or in a park it can become almost unmanageable -- that is unless you have an AirLounge XL inflatable lounger by Bench 7.

While inflatable furniture isn't exactly the height of fashion, this circular couch is designed for occasional use, not permanent decor. With an 18+ foot circumference the lounger can seat up to 30 people comfortably. The circular design allows for easy communication between guests. While white really does show the dirt, spilled food or drink will just wipe right up and if it starts to rain you don't need to worry about it getting wet.

Bench 7 AirLoungeBench 7 AirLoungeSince the lounger is inflatable it is portable and you can use it anywhere you need seating for a large group from the back yard to the beach and beyond. It comes with a pump so that it only takes about ten minutes to inflate completely. Meanwhile you can be busy setting out the drinks and snacks -- not to mention making sure that you really have enough ice.

You can use it for parties, receptions, meetings, conferences, or game day. The one place you probably shouldn't use it is in the pool. It does not appear to be approved for use in the water. Stay safe and stay on dry land. 

The one drawback to the lounger is that you need to make sure to keep everything sharp away from it or your party will literally fall flat. For this reason finger food is a great idea. Beyond that -- party on, dude!

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