Never Again Worry About Scratches On Your Car With This Self-Healing Paint

If you are a car owner then you know that, despite being amazingly useful, it brings lots and lots of problems and costs. Also, if you like to keep your car clean and good looking, you know that it takes a lot of work and maintenance.

One of the car's main visual impacts is surely the paint job. Each small dent, scratch or other similar problem will affect the looks of the car, making it less attractive. Of course that all these problems can be solved by painting the car but, in addition of being quite expensive, taking the car to the shop can be time consuming and the cause for frustrations.

A new research performed in the Instituto Senai de Inovação (Senai Innovation Institue), in the Brazilian city of Paraná, has came out with a very interesting product, which can be important in this subject.

This new product is a special kind of paint which is "self-healing", which means that the paint heals itself whenever damage, like scratches, occurs. It has nanocapsules containing paint and catalysts, which are only released when (and if) the paint is damaged. Researchers say that this paint has an efficiency of around 75%. The duration of the "healing" is variable, and depends on the environmental conditions - it can take from two hours to a week.

The project is still in its initial phase, with an estimated duration of 20 months, and it is expected that this paint can be in the market in two or three years from now.

Innovative, but not exactly a revolution

Even though this project is really innovative in terms of the South American panorama, this kind of technology is not exactly new since big car brands like Nissan also have and use a similar technology. The problem is that they only use it in luxury cars, since it is not economically "viable" in the "low quality" segment of business.

So, this new research also aims to provide a cheaper alternative in order to make it as widely available as possible. It also has the potential to be applied to different products other than cars, such as home appliances (refrigerators and microwaves, for example) and furniture.