Is This Your Cup Of Tea? The Cup of Coffee Tabletop Fountain

This Cup of Coffee table fountain is a lot easier to "get" than the floating chained bottle of wine I posted a few weeks ago, but there is something unnerving about this endless coffee fountain.

It's not coffee that's pouring out, it's water! And it makes no attempt to even look like coffee! At least it could have been colored like coffee for the photo.

Well, this table fountain is supposed to be for the constant coffee drinker who loves the sound of a recirculating pump and running water. Miraculously, the water does not overflow, so the mystery is how does the water get back into the pot.

I guess you have to see it up close and personal to believe it. The ceramic Cup of Coffee Tabletop Fountain is from Signals. It has a 10" diameter base and is 17" high. It comes with a recirculating pump, a motor, and stones. (Update: This item is no longer available.)

Boy, stones are hard to swallow, aren't they? Anyway, isn't that a tea pot?

I'll take my water black, thank you.


Signals via Nerd Approved


Dec 30, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Adorable! Though not

 Adorable! Though not necessarily my taste for decor.

Beth Hodgson
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