SnuggWugg Eases Diaper Changing Woes

Introducing the SnuggWugg.Introducing the SnuggWugg.

On the surface of it all, babies seem so low tech. A squirming, uncooperative child is a uniquely familiar right of passage. But how do you bring diaper changing into our digital age? The SnuggWugg was made to provide more comfort for baby and parents. It wraps around baby (securing with Velcro), but there’s also SnuggWugg apps to drum up plenty of entertainment.

The SnuggWugg is washable (on gentle cycle), easy to use, lightweight, comfortable, and comes in a variety of styles including Safari and Retro (with more to come). Its portability will likely make it an indispensable product for moms and dads.

Interested investors can e-mail SnuggWugg CEO Lisa Cash Hanson at directly. Visit the website for more info.

Aug 25, 2013
by Anonymous

Hey Thanks for the shout

Hey Thanks for the shout out. Of course we truly appreciate it. Lisa Cash Hanson Snuggwugg ® CEO