Your Dog May Look Like You, But Does He Have Your Sense Of Humor?



Do you wag your tail when greeting someone you like? Bark when you want a treat? Roll over on command?

Then, you're a pretty happy dog, and your owner just might be a happy human.... Now it's time to find out if your human also shares your sense of humor....

Research has already shown that humans who own purebred dogs tend to chose dogs that look like them. (See Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? ) But now pet owners can discover if their dogs, cats, fishes, birds, hamsters, mice, ginea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, horses, reptiles, ferrets, tortoises, or other pets, have their personality traits. If your pets do share your personality traits, then the inference might be that you, consciously or unconsciously. chose that pet because of the similarity. Or, who knows, maybe they acquired your traits just by hanging around you?

Professory Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in England, is world famous for his observational research, sometimes using unwitting participants as subjects in his studies. His latest book Quirkology: The Curious Science of Everyday Lives reveals some pretty quirky findings about such subjects as coincidence, sense of humor, and luck.

In Professor Wiseman's current studies on the personalities of pets and their owners, you can be a "witting," or willing, subject by filling out his short research form in his Pet Personality Experiment. You will be asked to rate yourself and your pet on personality variables such as happiness, independence, sociability, dependability, and yes, sense of humor. He'll return your individual results via email, plus you will be contributing to his overall research.

Hint: Question 8 of the survey states the following: Please type the name of your pet into the box below. I didn't think that the name I gave my dog would be very relevant to this research, but I thought his breed would be. As there are other questions where you choose what kind of pet you have, such as dog, cat, horse, etc, I decided to enter my dog's given name (figuring why not?) and his breed. If you have a snake, it would be more relevant to know the kind of snake than the fact that you named him "Slither." Also, I don't think it matters if you have a mixed breed pet for the purpose of this study. Just fill in the predominant mixes.

When you get the results back, it would be fun if you share them with our readers in the comments section below. I will share mine too!

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