Firefox Running Slow? Your Add-ons May Be The Problem.

Do you find your beloved browser running slow lately? You might think that it may have something to do with your computer or with Mozilla's Firefox itself, but the developer is aiming to set the record straight by publishing a list of add-ons that have been found to considerably slow down the browser. That's right; it's not you or your PC or Mozilla. It's them.

The browser race has always been a tough and competitive one. Lately I found Firefox to be too slow for my taste so I switched to another browser. I thought that it might have been my computer (because God knows I've overused and abused my PC that turns four years old in a few months' time.) After reading this bit of news, I ran my trusty Firefox and removed all the add-ons I had installed over the past few years and boom: it ran as fast as when I first got hooked to the browser. I'm insanely loyal to Firefox so I've decided to switch back. You can try doing the same for your Firefox and choose the add-ons to install more thoroughly next time.

This must have been a problem that Mozilla found extremely frustrating because now they've published and released add-ons to Firefox along with a figure of how much it slows down the browser. That's right, they've gone the public-shaming route by posting up the List of Shame of the add-ons that make Firefox literally crawl when it starts up right over here: Slow Performing Add-ons.


Apr 6, 2011
by Anonymous

What a bunch of idiots....

Watching the Mozilla Foundation repeatedly hit the self-destruct button on Firefox would be funny if it weren't so damned sad.

They have become like a star that thinks that people love them and not the characters that they portray.

PEOPLE DO NOT LOVE FIREFOX! (read that again)

Even die hard Firefox users like myself do not love Firefox. We love the add-ons. It's the add-ons that make Firefox the browser of choice for techies and people from all walks of life. Take them away and what have you got? Nothing that anyone would run.

In addition to Mozilla constantly changing the core of Firefox and breaking add-on functionality (functionality that Moziila has neither the intelligence nor manpower to code itself), now Mozilla is openly attacking some of the most favorite add-ons and blaming them for slowing down Firefox?

I think that most users would understand that when you ask a person or a machine to do more work, it takes more time. You can't have more functionality without running more code. And, in most instances, you can't run more code (add-ons) without it taking more time.

Users could disable all add-ons for a really fast experience. But that would be like eliminating all stops on a subway because stopping to let people off or on takes more time. It would be faster, but much less useful.

Firefox needs an add-on interface (or wrapper) that add-on developers can write to that will not change with every Firefox core change. With Mozilla now upping the speed of its major changes, this will be even more of an issue.

I think its time for a fork of Firefox. We need a Firefox clone that not only understands the contributions of add-on authors, but works with them to keep add-ons functional.

What company (or foundation) in its right mind would not work WITH the people that are VOLUNTEERING their time, effort and intelligence to make their product as popular as it is? Evidently Mozilla....

Apr 6, 2011
by Anonymous

not true

I've got NO add ons running and this last "upgrade" of firefox is so slow its like running backward. I've been a loyal FF user a long time but today its Chrome for me.

Aug 2, 2011
by geremy

I don't have any of these

I don't have any of these add-ons installed and still Firefox is running slow, I think it has something to do with some new features the latest version has incorporated. I would install an older Firefox version but I didn't keep any of the exe files. What else can be done? How can I check what's the problem?