Your Growing Baby Can Still Rock The Tree Tops With A Treehouse Bed

Every kid needs his or her own special space to let their imaginations run wild. They dream of having their own playhouse, clubhouse, or tree house. You may not have the right outdoor space to provide any of these for your child, but you can turn a portion of their bedroom into the house of their dreams with a Treehouse Bed from Pottery Barn.

 Treehouse Bed From Pottery BarnTreehouse Bed From Pottery Barn

The Treehouse Bed, suitable for either boys or girls, is basically a standard twin bed with a frame that looks like a treehouse built around it.  The house will not only make bed time more fun, but be a place where the imagination can soar. You can decorate it to fit your child's interests or hobbies. Whether a shack on the beach, a mountain hut, a space station, a boat's cabin, or a fairy tale hovel you can really get creative with your child's dream house decor.

Treehouse Bed From Pottery BarnTreehouse Bed From Pottery Barn

The house is built of kiln-dried pine and is accessed by a ladder. The mattress is not included and can be used with or without a box spring. There is no roof on the tree house, which allows light and air to enter freely. The raised design makes the most of the room and creates an additional area for play beneath the bed or an open first floor for the tree house.

Treehouse Bed From Pottery BarnTreehouse Bed From Pottery Barn

For your kid it is also like getting to have the top bunk without having to share the room and have someone kicking you from beneath. It is the best of both worlds -- reality and fantasy. 

Available in natural wood or white. Some assebly is required.

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