Your Important Files Are In Good, Cute Hands With Deego Toys!

Deego Toys’ roly-poly collection of characters are the perfect balance of external file storage and hip urban vinyl toys. This combo of art and technology certainly makes for a much cuter workstation!

French, by Deego ToysFrench, by Deego Toys

Based out of Spain, all of Deego Toys’ designs share a common theme of cute, rounded and stylized characters with an interesting Spanish point of view. Take their “Around the World 360” series for example, where cultural icons are proudly reformatted to fit these little USB and external drives, such as an “American Football Player,” “English Guard” and “Some French Guy.” Although it is funny to see basic national stereotypes made into adorable little data holders, I especially like Deego’s take on their home country-inspired “Flamenca,” “Torero” (Bull fighter) and “Toro” (Bull) character designs.

Toro, by Deego ToysToro, by Deego Toys

Deego’s designs include a wide variety of charming character types including masked luchadors, sweet babies, farm animals, colorful school girls, camouflaged military servicemen, and much more. If you get in contact with Deego, you can have your very own designs painted onto a set of 25 customized toys, USB drives or external drives, which is definitely a cool option if you’re a fan of the series of if you want to get into the business of reselling your art to your fans.

Pig by Deego ToysPig by Deego Toys

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to spruce up your desktop, a big, pink pig with 500GB of storage might just be the ticket! Which of Deego Toys is your favorite?

American Football Player by Deego ToysAmerican Football Player by Deego Toys

Source: Deego Toys