Is Your Invention The Next Biggest Thing? Prove It At The Dallas Market Center’s The Next Big Thing Contest!

If everything is already bigger in Texas, your invention has to be absolutely epic to win the Dallas Market Center’s The Next Big Thing contest!

The Dallas Market Center is an incredible year-round marketplace that hosts an immense collection of designer brands, including toys, fashion, lighting, rugs, jewelry, and a host of other brilliant goods. This massive marketplace is looking for the next incredible gadget, gift or home item to proudly share with the hundreds of thousands of visitors that they receive each year, and with three finalists to be picked, your outstanding invention has a pretty good chance of taking Dallas by storm!

This contest is open to anyone with a big idea and a product to show off to over 50,000 attentive guests at the Dallas Temp Show (June 20-23). The amazing three inventors will be flows to Dallas to present their stellar product at their own custom exhibit space.

(Photo by theSaintGroup /Creative Commons via Flickr)(Photo by theSaintGroup /Creative Commons via Flickr)

However, the invention that stands out as the real next big thing by a combination of judges, trade media, industry experts and fans via Facebook will all come together to select a the ultimate winner. Whoever becomes The Next Big Thing earns a bunch of impressive goodies, including $2,500 in cash, and a huge professional marketing package from the Dallas Marketing Center and its affiliates.

Previous winners include Allison Schickel’s Brobe (A robe with a built-in bra) in 2012, Deric Salser’s ivPolePals (Adorable iv decorations) in 2011, and Donna Potter’s Freedom Gates (Designer pet gates that aren’t an eyesore) in 2009. If you haven’t already shared your new invention with the public via trade shows or retail sales yet, fill out the application HERE and get ready to rock the Dallas Market Center by sending it in by April 8th.

One of Deric Salser’s innovative ivPolePalsOne of Deric Salser’s innovative ivPolePals

The InventorSpot Crew is wishing the best of luck to all of this year’s contestants, and remember to think big!