Your Kid Can Swim Like A Mermaid With A Mermaid Swim Fin

Everyone knows about mermaids, the divine divas of ancient legend. Disney has recreated the legend via Hans Christian Andersen into a popular movie that has many little girls dreaming of what it would like to be a Mermaid Swim Fin in ActionMermaid Swim Fin in Actionmermaid. With this totally cool Mermaid Swim Fin they can get the chance to try.

The fin helps turn your child into a half-human pinniped just for some watery fun. It is lightweight soft plastic with a Velcro strap to help hold it securely in place. Since it is adjustable it fits children sizes 1 to 7. Choose between pink and purple.

It is so darn cute that I went looking for an adult-sized one. I did find one -- well, sort of. What I found is nowhere near as cute and is in black and yellow rather than pink or purple so it has a more industrial look. It is also just called a monofin. Color me crestfallen. Not only that the sizes are really for men. They list women's sizes, but they start with size nine and most of the women I know have smaller feet than that. I don't, but other women do. Enough of my whining. I would still consider getting a Rapid Monofin just for fun.

Mermaid Swim FinMermaid Swim FinWhile we are on the subject of mermaids -- wouldn't it make more logical if they were half sea mammal than fish? A pinniped like a seal or sea lion would make more sense than a scaly, cold-blooded fish. Not to mention more cuddly. But I digress.

If I had a daughter I would be online ordering these up in a heartbeat. As it is the cat has declined the offer. Oh, well. I can still dream of having a Mermaid Swim Fin of my own. I could dream of wearing it with the Mermaid Leggings that also don't come in my size. It's a good thing that my imagination is at least as large as my shoe size.

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