Your Name In Lights On The Bathroom Wall!

If you've always wanted to see your name in lights, Korean designer Hyomi Kim has created a design called tile + light, a modular lighting system that fits right in with your tiles on tiled walls, ceilings, columns, hallways or wherever tile is used in home or institutional settings.

Tile + lights can be placed along with any ceramic tiles when they are first set. (Otherwise, you would have to do some messy re-modelling!) Designed with safety in mind, all wiring is tucked inside of each tile + light unit, behind the light bulb. Individual bulbs can easily be replaced.


Tile + light is made in five different shapes enabling you to create most any design with them that you like -- your name, a favorite saying or symbol, or an artistic original!



One such as this, let's say....



Jul 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Thank you

Dear Toby,

Thanks a lot.
i saw many articles about my design but yours is my favorite.
thanks again.

Best regards
hyo mi kim