Your Next Beach Gadgets: Metal Detecting Sandals

For you beachcombers who may be out of pocket these days, Hammacher Schlemmer has just the beach gadgets for you: metal detecting sandals.

Actually, only one of the sandals is equipped with the power to find the treasure that's awaiting you, buried deep beneath the sand, so don't forget to wear the right one. The sandal's technology relies on beat frequency oscillation, to communicate a buzz or a gentle vibration to your leg when a metal object is underfoot. (I was hoping it wasn't a jolt of electricity up your spine.) In case you miss that, there's a red light that flashes from the battery pack as well.

The battery back that straps to your calf powers a copper coil that is built into the heel of the sandal. The coil produces a magnetic field that can locate metal objects up to two feet beneath the sand.  Sound's pretty cool. 

The sandals are unisex and come in black.  One nine volt battery, which provides up to six hours of use, is required.  And you're really lucky, because the Metal Detecting Sandals come with a lifetime guarantee, in case you run into more bad times ahead.