Your Pets Deserve Their Own Thanksgiving Dinners - Healthy Ones!


Every year around the holidays, we are warned not to share our yummy meals with our pets.  They can get very sick from eating our rich food, and really we should not feed them from the table anyway.  But there is at least one pet food company known for making high quality pet foods, that has whipped up a couple of special Thanksgiving meals for our dogs and cats - even those that are on grain free diets.

How does turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and Granny Smity apples sound for your pup's Thanksgiving Dinner?


Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner dog foodMerrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner dog food


Or,  what about Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner for Cats and Kittens, a turkey, gravy, and vegetable medley for your kitty?


Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner for Cats & KittensMerrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner for Cats & Kittens


Merrick is one of the highest quality pet foods available. All ingredients are sourced in the U.S. and the food is also made here.  All ingredients are human grade; you can eat Merrick food yourself. The main ingredient is always raw, de-boned meat, poultry, or fish; along with healthy fats, like omega 3s, they consistute 70 percent of your pet's food.  Real vegetables and whole grains, as well as many healthy supplements, are used to balance your pet's diet, and Merrick's grain free choices are many. Merrick uses no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Merrick also makes a Turducken, a grain free combo of turkey, duck, chicken, and Thanksgiving veggies which is a favorite of dogs and cats who love poultry, so you might consider those as your pet's Thanksgiving dinner.

And here's a real special treat for your dog!  Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner Sausage, turkey sausage treats to die for, according to dog owners.  This treat contains whole grains, in addition to turkey and veggies....


Merrick Thanksgiving Day Sausage Treats for dogsMerrick Thanksgiving Day Sausage Treats for dogs


Thanksgiving is a special day and, by all means, your pets should be part of your festivities, but make sure their food treats are made just for them.


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