Your Potted Plants Can Light Your Way

Outdoor lighting is a great addition to your home to help create an outdoor living space or to add an extra element of security. Indoor lighting to create a subdued mood while lighting up those dark little corners can add a relaxed element to your living areas. Not everyone has the capability to engage in a big handyman project and not everyone has the ground available right where they want the light to put in a string of those solar lights. To put the light right where you want it and save space at the same time you can get these great pots that use LED lights and batteries and/or AC power to light up your world.

Assist LED Planter (Great Britain)

Assist LED PlantersAssist LED Planters

This planter can be used just like a regular planter. There are 15 LED lights in the base to light up the pot to provide elegant indirect lighting in areas in need of being brightened up. Each pot comes with a 6.5' cord and a transformer for easy installation.  Indoors or out it can light the way for dark steps, make a cool night light in the hall, or create that romantic mood on the patio. It is available in both large and small sizes. To find out more about the Assist LED Planter, click here.

Instapark® Illuminated Planters (USA)

 Instapark Illuminated PlantersInstapark Illuminated Planters

This line of planters not only lights up, but some can change colors at your choosing. These pots can also brighten up the dim corners of your life indoors or out. These pots come with an AC/DC adapter and a 12-foot power cord. It also uses energy saving LED lights. The frosted weather-resistant plastic exterior provides a subtle glow so that you aren't blinded by the light. They add an unforgettable accent that your guests will long remember and you will long enjoy. For more information on Instapark® Illumiated Planters, click here.

Okay, the above planters are for us regular folks. For people with serious cash to spend and contractors, there are many more traditional and contemporary designs to be chosen from in the illuminated line.

They range from elegance to art deco and just about everything in between. For most of us this site is just for window shopping, but it is totally cool to see what you could put in your home once some mysterious stranger leaves you a bundle of money. To check out Illuminated Planters, click here.

Source: CoolThings