Your Pure Honey: Purchasing Shares In New Zealand’s Beehives

When you dreamed of a productive business to get yourself into, you might have ideas buzzing in your head, but I'd be surprised if it was beehives and honey that you had in mind. Well, Your Pure Honey was thinking for you so don't you worry.

Your Pure HoneyYour Pure Honey

Your Pure Honey offers shares in New Zealand beehives. Well, really it's more like an adopt-a-beehive setup where you pay for a seasonal membership and are kept in the loop about everything going on with your own personal beehive through photos, written word and video.

Of course, at the end of the season, you receive all of the honey produced by your very own worker bees along with a certificate of authenticity. You might have been thinking about leasing out real estate for a business opportunity, but does this make you think about beehives instead