Rain, Sleet, Or Atomized? Your Shower, Any Way You Like It!

When it comes to intimate design, as in bathroom fixtures, some designers look like they're trying too hard. For what, I'm not sure. But the Private Wellness Shower by Gessi of Italy is a classy design that caters to every water loving creature.

The Private Wellness Shower uses square shower heads that can be set to whoosh you up in a waterfall, pound on you with "water blades," or curl your hair with an oh-so-fine mist.



Soothing LED lights can switch from blue to green to yellow or stay on one color for a purely restful light environment.




The Gessi Private Wellness shower comes in 14, 20, and 31 inch squares and, as you can see, they can be arranged in whatever way you design or desire.



(I only hope that users of the Gessi Private Wellness Shower have a water recycle program in place!)

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can get a similar Rainfall LED showerhead here on Amazon for less than $40.

via Trendir


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