Cook Your Hamburger Up Your Tailpipe?

Everyone loves a nice juicy burger fresh off the grill. But with today's hectic lifestyle, having the time to get everything set up and being able to enjoy yourself is becoming pretty rare. Thanks to a group of Iranian inventors, you can enjoy your freshly cooked burger, right after you park your car.

The exhaust burger concept was born out of 2 very obvious pieces of information:

1. Our cars tail end is a massive producer of heat, wasted heat that is.

2. Humans love to eat.

And since we need heat to cook the food we like to guessed it, exhaust burger was born.

Now, before the frenzied complaints of carbon-monoxide flavor and cancer risks start flowing, the design only uses the hot air to heat the upper element. The exhaust does not come into contact with your coveted lunch.

In light of this, I wonder how long before it expands into hot-dogs, ribs and steaks? Other than a pack of hungry animals chasing you down the street and attacking you at every stop sign, it seems like a really good idea.

The design came from a prompted competition by Design-Boom titled Dining in 2015. They point out the design will save time and energy since no additional heat source is needed. My only real complaint is the lack of bun warmers. See the other winners in What's the Future of Dining

From : Design-Boom. Thanks Sarah O.

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations

Mar 1, 2008
by Anonymous


but, won;t it taste like pollution?

how does it work?

John Frangella
Manager - Invention Process Development Division
Proto3000 Inc. ( Prototyping Solutions )

Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous

quite innovative

This is quite innovative to have hot air pass through a sealed capsule above your ready-to-cook food. Sounds all right to me ;-)