Your Toast, The Way YOU Want It!

What shade of white or black is coming out of the toaster today? It's always a guess at my house, where, regardless of how well our toaster was rated by Consumer Reports, one toaster setting rarely results in consistency for any two-day period. The Transparent Toaster, by Inventables™ Concept Studio, may soon create the need for a recycle center for last-century toasters!

There's just one problem: the Transparent Toaster is still in development. The special heating glass that's used for the Transparent Toaster doesn't get quite hot enough to toast the bread. Inventables is encouraged, however, that more research and development by the manufacturer will refine the technology to a toast-ready stage. If so, it would be fun to see where else this technology could be used.

The first announcement of this concept came out two years ago and the Transparent Toaster is still not on the market. C'mon guys! What's holding you up? We're all out here waiting for perfectly toasted toast.