Your VW Is Toast!

There are people who are really into cars. And then there are people who are really into Volkswagens. They just seem to be more passionate and obsessed by the iconic Nazi car than other car people. To that end all sorts of VW Bus Toaster (You Tube Image)VW Bus Toaster (You Tube Image)collectibles and other products have been created to commemorate the German vehicles -- such as a toaster in the shape of a VW bus that brands the toast with the VW logo.

Despite the Volkswagen's beginnings as part Adolf Hitler's vision for the German Empire it has evolved into a much-loved brand of automobile. He wanted his People's Car to be inexpensive and as accessible to the average German as cars were for Americans. While Hitler did not survive the war, Volkswagen managed to -- albeit barely. It wasn't until 1950 that the minibus version came into being. Now it is remembered fondly by many people as having been the transportation of choice for hippies throughout the 60s and early 70s. It was also the forerunner to today's minivans and shuttled families all over the world. 

VW Bus Toaster (You Tube Image)VW Bus Toaster (You Tube Image)I fondly remember learning to drive stick on my stepmother's VW bus. Its main function, beyond the transport of family, was to be able to move my step-brother's drum kit when needed. A friend of mine has one from 1968 right now. Yes, it still runs, though I wouldn't count on it for any long trips. It has gotten her into long conversations with more car guys than she can remember, but it tickles her to get that much attention.

The toaster is a major collector's item for VW buffs. They were created by Volkswagen Japan and only 5,000 were produced so they are no longer easily available. A look on eBay shows a few, but even though the prices are listed between about $400 and $500 they are not for sale. I don't get that. Perhaps it is just for bragging rights.

I can't say that I am into toast THAT much, but I suppose if I was a collector of all things VW I might go for it. But at that kind of price you could just throw in a few extra bucks to buy a VW bus tent. Or you could be getting a nice, tidy down payment going to buy my friend's vintage VW camper bus. 

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