You're Makin' Bacon -- No Fakin'!

America has a major and passionate obsession with bacon. It is something that has reached absurd proportions when you can buy bacon wallets, bacon ties, and bacon shoes. It has become bacon-paloosa A Slab Of Homemade BaconA Slab Of Homemade Baconout there! Now you can indulge in your pork product passion in a more useful way by making your own bacon with The Original Baconkit.

The kit includes almost everything you need to make bacon for yourself -- full instructions, a curing bag, curing solution, maple sugar, and a thermometer. It is enough to make five pounds of the sweet and savory meat. If you don't fancy the maple flavor, you can leave the sugar out and have it on your oatmeal or cinnamon toast instead.

All you need to provide is the oven, grill, or smoker for the curing, a large, sharp knife for cutting the meat into strips, and the most obvious part -- five pounds of pork belly.  Pork belly is easily available from many supermarkets and most butchers.

The Original BaconkitThe Original BaconkitThis is the way bacon was intended to be -- no added water, coloring, or nasty additives. This bacon won't shrivel and shrink. With five pounds of the stuff you will be set up for at least a day or two of bacon heaven.

If you are going to take bacon this seriously you may also want to become acquainted with the whole language of bacon. For instance a rasher of bacon is a strip, a flitch is what a slab of bacon used to be called. The American-style bacon we are used to is also sometimes called "streaky" bacon. In England and Ireland unsmoked bacon is often referred to as "green" bacon. In Italy it is called pancetta. What we call Canadian bacon is called back bacon in Canada.

Yep, it's a whole big, wide bacon world out there. 

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